With the number of new startups launching each year growing at a faster and faster pace, it’s a great time to be an entrepreneur. The majority of new startups will seek funding or pitch in a startup pitch competition within the first 2 years. While most founders know their industry well, they often don’t know how to tell a story, what investors look for, and may not have the skillset to design a compelling and professional pitch deck. We created a pitch company so entrepreneurs can stop losing money due to lousy pitches and to help investors see better decks.

Essentially, we’re here to rid the world of terrible pitch decks.

We want our clients to be taken seriously during all stages of their funding and sales process and secure the investment and revenue they need to succeed.

A bad pitch deck can alienate potential investors and harm a fledgling business, dilluting your message or tarnishing your brand’s image. At its worst a bad pitch deck impacts funding success and impedes growth. But a great pitch deck can help gain buy-in throughout investors, co-founders, team members and customers. 

Knowing the answers to these questions helps: 

  • What is a pitch deck?
  • Who is my target audience? What are they looking for?
  • What content is needed?
  • How do I develop a concise, compelling story?
  • How do I tailor elements of my business to fit my target investors?

Once design, story, and your business’ fundamentals are connected, it guides the organization down a better path, weaving a tight and consistent message throughout sales, marketing, and operations teams.To make your best pitch deck, we take disjointly messaged content and transform it into a meaningful representation of your brand. Pitch deck project outputs and frameworks will carry forward into all aspects of how you think, speak, and act on your product. A good pitch deck will help you with not only funding raises, but also taking your company into its operational phase. 

So as you might notice by now, the ultimate output is a pitch deck, but the process of walking founders through their brand’s story is what Pitch Deck Fire truly excels at. Deep understanding and emotional connection to your company’s mission is our true value add to this process.

Anything can be made pretty, but that’s not enough

Content that doesn’t do justice to your product’s image is not worth anything. Even if you got your designer to make it look good. A terrible pitch deck that doesn’t really convey your true value can cost your company time and money. Through an organized pitch discovery process our clients access deeper insight into what makes their brand shine in customers’ and investors’ eyes. Every level of sales delivery gains confidence when delivering their pitch because of the cohesive and impactful message you create.

Investors know you are awesome, your market is gigantic and you are going to make a ton of money in 3-5 years. Right? …That’s what everyone tells them. They see right through the sham of big, flashy numbers being thrown at them everyday. And although we aren’t advocating for small numbers, it really doesn’t matter as much as how well you know your customer, their pain, and how you’re going to solve it in a way that no one else has.

Armed with the right message, founders will be more successful than if they went with something generic. Combining winning storytelling with rich graphic design that stuns viewers and brings a feeling of put-togetherness and credibility to the pitch is essential. Good design ties everything together: the message and story, the logo and branding, the financials, and the team.

We’ve got a solution for your needs

Convincing someone to part with their money for your product or investment opportunity is hard enough without poor direction coming from a poorly created presentation. We started Pitch Deck Fire to rid the world of terrible pitch decks and take the weight off of the startup community’s ability to freely communicate with their customers and investors.

With services ranging from low touch to fully customized pitch decks, we offer founders and sales people options. Our team specializes in custom pitch deck design services, individual pitch reviews with one-on-one feedback and report card, pitch deck training, and other startup services like logo and branding design help. This breadth of services ensures that our clients get the robust customized package that meets their changing & unique needs.

But, I need it NOW!

Most of our clients come to us needing a pitch deck or review session in a hurry. We’ve worked hard to provide a quick turnaround on most projects. We have developed a lock-step process that will let us quickly guide you to the right solution for you, and work hand in hand with you to ensure you have the best pitch deck for your next important presentation. Are you a B2B company? We can work on both your sales deck and investor pitch deck. This vertical integration allows  Pitch Deck Fire to help our clients bring their A game to every stage of their business, from investment to product sales.

Are you an investor? Ask us about how we can help you see better pitches, more often. Don’t let an entrepreneurs lack of pitching experience affect your accurate evaluation of their business proposition.