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The information, tools, and hands on expert advice to complete your pitch deck

Need a better pitch deck for your upcoming investor pitch or pitch event?

Not quite sure when you’ll need a pitch deck, but want to be ready?

pitch deck workshop


This full 2 day workshop intensive will walk you through the creation of your best Pitch Deck. This is not your usual “take notes” workshop. You know the ones, where you try to absorb as much information as you can in the hour long session, but when you get started on your own, you don’t know where to start.

In this workshop you will receive all the information and tools you will need. Pitch Deck Fire’s CEO and Lead Designer, will walk you through an expertly curated process of putting together your pitch deck. This is a step-by-step, guided instruction with the very best in the Pitch Deck design business. Starting with just your business concept and a laptop, you will finish the course with a fully designed pitch deck ready to pitch! And likely additional insight into your operation and meaningful connections as well.

Already started a deck? No problem! This course will uncover topics you missed, ensure your story is deeply engaging, and that you have the backup slides necessary to continue to wow your investors throughout your interactions. Drive the conversation and clearly show your company’s true value to your potential investors or next pitch event audience.

pitch deck


pitch deck

Your Fully Designed, Ready-to-Pitch Pitch Deck

pitch reviews

Confidence to Pitch to Investors & Key Audiences

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Tips & Tricks, Cheat Sheets, Detailed Guides

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Proficiency in Pitch Deck Creation Process

The pitch deck creation process is highly recommended for all growing startups. Throughout our course you will be diving deeper into key areas of your business model, market, customers, competitors, and long term plans. This effort will help you to knowing your own company better and possibly uncover holes in your business strategy and understanding of your market. Knowing your business inside and out prepares you for the questions you don’t know are coming.

What the Founders Say about Pitch Deck Creation

“We’ve found working with Pitch Deck Fire far more beneficial than simply preparing a presentation. Working together with Stacie Shaw and team was a great exercise which helped us to better organize our thoughts and to more clearly convey our value proposition. Thanks to Pitch Deck Fire, we’re confident that we’re sharing a stronger representation of our product, brand and vision.”

Robert & Slawo

“After being on the fence about putting together a pitch deck, signing up for pitch opportunities and actually pitching, I can honestly say in retrospect, that it was the best business decision I’ve made thus far. Irrespective of whether a business needs or wants funding, the pitch process mandated a complete understanding of every element of our business (financials, strategy, product, customers, team) and most importantly, how to articulate the key points of each of those elements to a wide variety of stakeholders”

Ty Soukup
Paleo Meals To Go

The startup pitch deck is a visual representation of your company. The pitch is how you present your business idea to potential investors for funding and at public pitch events. A well designed pitch deck clearly conveys what your business does, why, and how you will be successful, all in an engaging and compelling way that excites your audiences and spurs them to action.

Workshop attendees are often seeking funding, either now or in the near future, considering applying to an accelerator or grant that requires a pitch deck, or are preparing for a public pitch event or competition. Attendees have an operating business, product or a detailed business plan. Businesses range across industries and business types (ie: SaaS, physical product, services, etc.), and come to us at all levels of traction (soil level, pre and post revenue), and seeking all levels of funding (seed, series A, etc.). While there are differences in all of these companies’ pitch deck needs, the effort and processes to build them are the same.

The workshop leader, Stacie Shaw, is a startup story teller and founder of Pitch Deck Fire. She has designed customized pitch decks for hundreds of clients in many industries, and around the world. Through this experience she has honed specific processes, created detailed guidelines, and developed hacks for quickly and effectively designing your story, pitch and pitch deck. This expertise is shared with you, in a step by step course. Let her expert instruction guide you and a diverse network of participants to get the most out of your pitch deck creation. In just 2 days you will leave the workshop with a professional, compelling pitch deck – prior experience not required.


pitch deck course

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  • Getting started templates
  • Course materials and cheat sheets
  • Key resources for design elements
  • Open Q&A with Pitch Deck Expert
  • Catered Breakfast and Lunch for 2 days
  • Activities and Networking with fellow entrepreneurs

You’ll Need

  • A currently operating company, or developed startup idea
  • A working knowledge of PowerPoint or other slide-based tool (Keynote, Google slides etc.)
  • A laptop and power cord


Workshop Day 1
8am – 5pm

  • Introduction to Pitch Decks
  • Storytelling
  • The Elevator Pitch
  • Content and Deck Details
  • Hands on Work Time
  • Open Q&A

Workshop Day 2
8am – 5pm

  • Design 101
  • PowerPoint Deck Design Tips
  • Hands on Work Time
  • Open Q&A
  • Presentation, Public Speaking, Next Steps
  • Course Wrap up


pitch deck workshop

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A Significant value over creating your Pitch Deck on your own

pitch deck workshop


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This 2 day comprehensive workshop  offers in-depth pitch deck course that enables you to create your own professional, engaging pitch deck from scratch. You will leave with a thorough understanding of the pitch deck creation process and a fully designed read-to-pitch pitch deck.

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