Seed Round Capital LP

Seed Round Capital


Our partners at Pitch Deck Fire and ExecFire can help you better prepare for your capital raise and give you a trusted advisor to help steer your overall growth trajectory.

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VALUE: The session will provide actionable recommendations on the content, story & flow, deck design, and presentation style of your pitch and pitch deck.

PREPARE: Come prepared to pitch “live” as if you are presenting to an investor. That means have your pitch deck and your verbal pitch prepared and practiced. During the session, Stacie will delve into areas for improvement and help guide you to where the pitch can be perfected.

OUTCOME: Afterwards, the feedback will be provided in a consolidated written report card, and you are welcome to schedule additional sessions on your own to iterate the pitch and pitch deck as needed.

WHY WE RECOMMEND: The true value here is not just an outside perspective, but an outside perspective from an expert in the pitch deck writing and design space. Stacie and her team have helped hundreds of companies to build better decks and better tell their story to investors, resulting in more successful fundraising rounds. So the feedback you will be getting will be dense, deep, and thorough. We feel that this level of work on the pitch deck and pitch will dramatically improve your outcomes and confidence moving forward through your raise. 



VALUE: The initial strategy session will serve as the kick-off and discovery session. During this session, we’ll discuss your business at length, diving into broad touch-points across not just your product, but also your sales and marketing approaches, operational delivery, teaming and leadership dynamics, and overall strategy. 

PREPARE: Come prepared to discuss what is going well, and what is not going well; your deeper challenges on a professional and personal level. Fill out the questionnaire first, to share current insights. Be very honest in your answers to have a more productive first session.

OUTCOME: After this first session–if it’s a fit– you will meet with your advisor for a weekly strategy session. The goal of this first session is to get to know your business at a very deep level so that over the course of the next several months, your sessions will be centered on finding and focusing on the important actions that you need to take to move the needle across all fronts.

WHY WE RECOMMEND: Being a business owner is hard. You wear a lot of different hats, and you’re often thrust into new situations and need to make challenging decisions on the fly. You have a lot that needs to get done, and at your early stage, it’s more than you or your small team can feasibly get done. So having an outside perspective to talk to, who knows the business fundamentals that can steer your time and attention to the right things at the right time, is invaluable.